What If We've Been Wrong?

In a small apartment in New York, the terminally ill cofounder of America's abortion industry, Dr. Bernard Nathanson,
gave author Terry Beatley his personal parting message to deliver to America and his strategy of deceit to help...
END the political exploitation of women and children
EXPOSE a racist population control plan
REVEAL a deadly political maneuver and
SAVE parental rights.

    "Through the gift of storytelling and the power of love, Terry is giving every American the chance to help the 'Abortion King' get the truth told and end the exploitation of women and their children. Buy ten books and share with your friends on both sides of this issue." 

    -Samuel B. Casey, Esq. Managing Director & General Counsel of the Jubillee Campign's Law of Life Project


Available in eBook, Paperback and Hardback

Help fulfill the promise to America's "Abortion King"


What’s inside this book?

See the truth like never before...

Walk with Terry into the apartment of "The Keeper of the Abortion Industry Keys"...

... and experience the doctor's transparency and his hunger for justice for the truth of what he did to spread far and wide. Softening the calloused heart of America, this story tells us what is needed to rebuild a culture of life, for all, straight from the cofounder of NARAL.

Learn NARAL's eight point propaganda campaign...

... including how women have been exploited for over four decades and leveraged for political purposes.

Hillary Clinton's defense of partial-birth abortion on the floor of the...

... United States Senate and her unbelievable lack of response to Mother Teresa's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Behind NARAL's deadly Catholic Strategy...

... how NARAL manipulated Catholic voters and Catholic candidates, like Tim Kaine, to support abortion, which, in effect, fast-tracked the Planned Parenthood founder's deadly, racist population-control plan that she called the "Negro Project." 

How parental rights are crushed by the aggressive abortion industry...

... creating a boon for abortion business at the cost of endangering the lives of teenage girls at an impressionable age.

The "Abortion King's" radical transformation...

... and what stopped him from commiting suicide. Learn of his parting message as you journey with Terry on an odyssey of faith as she crosses racial divides by loving others with the truth.

BONUS SECTION: "Assumicide - The Six Erroneous Assumptions of Roe v. Wade"...

This incredible six-point summary written by Samuel B. Casey, Esq. and Allan Parker, Esq., both of whom helped "Roe" make her appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to have Roe v. Wade overturned, is a "go-to" source chocked full of information.

BONUS SECTION: Read Roe's affidavit pleading to the United States...

... Supreme Court to hear her case to reverse the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973.

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Straight From the
Cofounder of NARAL

 ... the oldest pro-abortion organization in America.

This is it. A riveting, faith-filled, personal story intersecting with the history of how America — including the justices on the U.S. Supreme Court — were duped and women exploited by a doctor and his campaign of lies. It is a groundswell of voices across this nation ready to take a stand. We're saying, "Enough is enough." The unborn can no longer be ignored by our leaders and our politicians. They have a voice. They have a face. The unborn have a story.

  • It's easy-to-read. It moves your heart. It's a page turner.
  • It's one epic expose of the biggest lie in American history.
  • Join a movement overtaking the nation by supporting justice for all - born and unborn.

Support the movement to end abortion in America.


 What Others Are Saying...

“Terry Beatley’s work shines a bright light on the destructive seeds that have caused the coarsening of culture by devaluing life. Read it and be more equipped to lead the restoration of America.”

Thomas P. McDevittChairman, Washington Times

"Terry uses the committment of a promise, her courageous spirit and the power of loving people with truth to change hearts and minds ... all the way to the voting booth. 

Fr. C. John McCloskey III Fellow at the Faith and Reason Institute

"If our country responds in conviction and repentance to Terry’s efforts to bring Dr. Nathanson’s message to our people, there is still a chance to return our great nation to ... ‘All men are created equal’ and are ‘endowed by their Creator . . . with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’”

Dr. Richard LandPresident, Southern Evangelical Seminary

Support the movement to end abortion in America.


Meet The Author...

Terry Beatley, President & Founder of Hosea Initiative

After learning the truth about Planned Parenthood’s racist population-control plan and the secular humanist worldview of its founder, Margaret Sanger, Terry sought direction on how to help restore dignity to human life in America.  After receiving instructions to interview Dr. Bernard Nathanson, the cofounder of NARAL Pro-Choice America and “The Keeper of the Abortion Industry Keys,” Terry made him a promise to teach America the strategy of how he deceived his country and to deliver his personal parting message. One of the ways Terry fulfills her promise is to teach the impact of worldviews through Hosea Initiative (www.hosea4you.org), an educational non-profit organization she founded dedicated to bringing healing truth to a broken world devoured by lies. Prior to organizing Hosea Initiative, Terry started an effective political action committee which helped defeat one of the most pro-abortion, anti-parental rights senators in Virginia history. The Washington Post and other newspapes wrote about her small PAC with a big punch. Her political action earned her the facetious title of the "Worst Virginian in the World" by a liberal website and "Greatest Impact Award" by one of Virginia’s largest conservative political blogging sites. Terry has been a contributing writer for the Washington Time’s “Power of Prayer” supplement and has spoken on many radio interviews about her journey to stay committed to her promise. She is a2015 Chuck Colson’s Fellows Program Worldview graduate; a graduate of the Jennifer Byler Institute; a former Virginia coordinator for ParentalRights.org; a former investment broker of 14 years; and her most important accomplishment of all is being a mother for 21 years to two daughters and a wife for 30 years.

More Advanced Praise...

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

"Every voter should read this book! It could liberate America from a destructive propaganda campaign! Terry Beatley is faithfully, tenaciously keeping the cofounder of NARAL's message alive." 

James W. Sedlak
Executive Director, America Life League

“The story of Dr. Bernard Nathanson is one that is as inspiring as it is heartbreaking. The power of a merciful God is shown in this fantastic book by Terry Beatley. Not only did she fulfill the task given to her by Dr. Nathanson, but she did it in a way that provides hope for all of us. Everyone needs to read this book.”

H.W. Crocker III
Author, Triumph: The Power and the
Glory of the Catholic Church 

“With this book Terry not only completes a commitment she made to Dr. Bernard Nathanson, but has done her own not insignificant part to enliven the conscience of our nation.”

Deacon Keith Fournier
Editor-in-Chief, Catholic Online

“I enthusiastically recommend this book! Terry Beatley keeps Dr. Bernard ‘Bernie’ Nathanson’s extraordinary story alive with tenderness, honesty, and humility. All three flow through her writing and her own life example."

Ron Brown
Associate Head Coach, Liberty Univesity Football

"As a born again Christ follower, I am deeply moved by Terry Beatley's passionate pro-life response to America's most deadly battlefield since 1973: the womb of the American mother."

Chris Slattery
Founder & Director, EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers

"I knew Dr. Bernard Nathanson quite well as one of America's most amazing individuals. This riveting account of Terry's promise to him should be read by all in the pro-life community and shared widely with people on the other side of the issue..."

Nancy Schulze
Co-Founder of The American Prayer Initiative

“Terry Beatley’s single minded determination to get the truth out is a timely and relevant gift to this country — and politically, a potential game changer.”

Helena Ramirez
2015 Forbes 30 Under 30, Law & Policy 

“With a powerful inside look at a sinister industry, What If We’ve Been Wrong? is a must-read that the millennial generation should not miss!”